COFFEE. In my opinion, there is no better way to wake up and start the day. I don’t rely on it to wake up and be alert. I just LOVE the entire experience of drinking it. The smell while it brews. Selecting the coffee mug I want to use that day. The first sip where I close my eyes and just say ahhhh!

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Weekday Vibes

It is in those early morning moments with that cup of coffee where I feel most present. I feel light. I feel creative and strong. I feel like I can take on the world. It is in those moments where I get to decide how my day is going to go, what mood I will be in and how I want to conquer the day. During the week, I wake up before the rest of the house and I sit at my kitchen island–just me, my journal, sometimes my laptop & phone and that cup of coffee. I find most of my inspiration and positive feels come from this early morning start where I have time to connect with myself and my thoughts. I journal, I spend some time reading positive quotes on Pinterest and I check out Instagram where I follow only those who have all of the positive vibes flowing freely :). Some wake up, watch the news or read the paper and that is perfectly OK because their path is theirs and my path’s mine.

Photo created by Erika Walton || @ownyourpath_

Weekend Vibes — They’re like weekday ones but not.

That all sounded wonderful, didn’t it? My morning cup of coffee is a completely different experience on the weekends. My amazing husband and I take turns waking up early on the weekends with the kiddos so that we each get at least one day a week to sleep past 630am. Whether it is my turn to sleep in or to wake up with the kiddos, the moment I come downstairs for that first cup of coffee, it is just pure chaos with the kids. My husband often says the kids are obsessed with me and I do not disagree. On the weekends — I never get a solid block of time to have that peaceful start to my day that I create for myself during the week — and that’s my choice. I choose that because I also realize that sleeping in and resting is important too. So what does my weekend cup of coffee look like?

Well one thing is for certain — there is no ahhhh this is fabulous moment. Instead, I reheat my cup of coffee in the microwave 20 times in between diapers, breakfast, playtime, coloring, and answering “what are you doing mommy?” 1000 times. It is very busy and the truth is, I do get anxious and frustrated in these moments. I don’t love to admit that but it is the truth. I miss having that time to myself in the morning to slowly wake up and focus on me but I also love having the time to sleep in and then be with my kids.

Photo created by Erika Walton || @ownyourpath_

Half & Half

So this is a perfect example of how we can’t have it our way all of the time and we must be okay with that. We have to remain flexible to satisfy all of our wants and needs. While I miss out on that morning zen moment with my coffee on Saturday mornings, it is replaced by some extra rest and the loving sound of my kids shouting mommy play with me, mommy color with me, mommy sit with me — and I wouldn’t change that for the world. You see, life is all about balance. We need to balance the time we take for ourselves and the time we give to our loved ones. When we put all of our energy toward one of these, the other suffers. And if you’re anything like me– you suffer before anyone else. So how do I manage it all? This is where my type A personality comes in — I plan. I make time for them. I schedule time for me.

My ME TIME Routine

During the week — me time is in the morning before the kids are up and at night once they go to bed. My day starts anywhere between 430am and 530am depending on my work schedule and ends around 10pm. The kiddos are up around 630/7am and go to bed around 630/7pm. Sure, it is a long day but I find that I nurture myself best when I am not taking time away from the time I could spend with the kids. Also — surprisingly enough, I have more energy following this routine than when I slept in every day (sleeping in is 630am during the week).

Now don’t get me wrong — I absolutely do take an hour here or an hour there of me time while they are awake to refresh and recharge. Whether that is going on the deck to read a book, grocery shopping, taking a shower, folding laundry upstairs away from them or taking a short walk ALONE. I am a better wife, friend, mom, stepmom, and person because I set this routine for myself.

Photo created by Erika Walton || @ownyourpath_


Establishing my routine didn’t come easily. I had many excuses as to why I couldn’t possibly start my day at 430am. I went on for years saying I didn’t have the time for myself, a workout, my career and just life in general so I left out the two easiest things– my workout and myself. What a terrible idea that was as these are very important parts of my day now and I am a much better person having shifted my mindset to focus on me. It is not selfish — even though I felt selfish in the beginning. Some things are just nonnegotiable and we have to figure out what those priorities are to create our routine and to squash the excuses. Then and only then can you truly nourish yourself to be the best version of YOU.

Your Take Away

So your take away from this post is a high five if you have figured out a routine that works for you and that prioritizes your wants and needs. If you haven’t yet, it is time to pour yourself some coffee and start planning out what your new routine will look like so that you can stay motivated, inspired, nurtured and empowered every day.

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