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it’s time for you to start working to live instead of living to work. this daily planner was created to help you establish work-life balance and to sustain that balance over time.

so often we create to-do lists of the work we need to do and we neglect the self-care we so desperately need. start your day with this planner to create your to-do list for both work and your self-care tasks. then, prioritize your to-do’s at the top of the page. after all, if we can’t make time for it — it is just not a priority to us. so i empower you to make the time and to prioritize not only what you have to get done but what you want to get done today. kudos to you if you can cross off everything on both your work and self-care lists!

You will receive one daily planner page which can be downloaded, saved, and printed out daily to be used 365 days a year. 



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