Hi! I am so glad you are here. My name is Erika. I am a Nursing Professional Development Specialist by day and a blogger by night. I am a mom, a wife and a self-care enthusiast.

I launched this blog with the intention of supporting women like you on your path to personal development. I am here to mentor you to find motivation and inspiration, to learn new ways to nurture yourself and to be empowered to take action and find balance in your life.

Your path is yours. My path’s MINE.

There’s no one right way to do things. I will share my favorite ways to stay motivated, inspired, nurtured and empowered in hopes to get you to a point where you can confidently say my path’s MINE too! Some things will be for you. Some will not. Take what you need and leave the rest behind. No judgements here, just love.

So grab a cup of coffee, snuggle up with a cozy blanket and enjoy a moment to invest in yourself.



p.s. please always feel free to reach out to me via email or on Instagram. I would love to hear from you!