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I’ve heard it so many times. Women attempting to live up to this standard of being a “Pinterest mom.” What does that even mean? I think it means meeting unrealistic expectations in a highly perfect environment to create or demonstrate perfection as a mom.  I’m here to tell you there is nothing perfect in mom life other than our opinion that our kids are perfect. At least until they reach the age where the sass and attitude come out and we seriously start to question our parenting skills hence resorting back to Pinterest to yet again strive to live up to the unrealistic expectations of the “perfect mom.”

Here’s the thing— we are all great moms in our own way. In a way that makes sense for our family and for our life as we know it. Perfection is not what our kids want to see. They want to see mommy smiling and laughing with them while building LEGO houses, or cooking fake food in their pretend kitchen. They want to spend quality time reading books and watching movies. Sure they love the crafts and snacks we learned about on Pinterest but they won’t hate us if they don’t turn out exactly like the perfectly staged Pinterest pin. News flash— they don’t even know what Pinterest is!

Photo from Canva

Society has placed so many standards on moms to make them feel like they have to be a certain way and do certain things to be the best mom out there.  We all strive to be perfect until the constant chase for perfection exhausts us so much that we end up crashing with our kids in their beds during the bedtime story routine.

I’m here to tell you that what your kids really need, is you, as your own authentic self. They need you to recognize when you are tired and to get the rest when you need it. They need you to do things that make you happy. They need you to take care of yourself so that you can be your best self for them. They just want mom. Plain and simple.

The best gift you can give to your kids is the best version of you and I know that’s better than a Pinterest mom! So how do you get there? It’s simple and fun—I promise! All you have to do are the things that make you happy. The things that bring out the best version of you—without guilt, without second guessing, without worry and without beating yourself up over it.  

You’re a great mom. Great moms need time away, time at the spa, time to read a book by their favorite author, time for their passion project, time to relax and time to recharge.  When we care for ourselves, we become our best selves—we become the best moms.

So many moms turn to Pinterest because they feel like they’re not good enough and so many moms don’t make time for themselves because they think it’s selfish. I’m here to tell you it’s not.  Your best version of yourself is the girl who does all things that make her happy and to do that you have to take time for yourself—It’s necessary. 

Without nurturing our own authentic selves, we cannot nurture our kiddos to our full potential. No matter how hard we try. 

I know some of you are thinking, I couldn’t possibly leave my kids. I couldn’t possibly take time for me.  It’s not fair. I will be an awful mom if I do this. No, you will be an angry, stressed, short tempered mom if you don’t give yourself the time to recharge and be the best possible version of you. You have to take care of you so you can take care of others. You won’t get very far if you give and give and give. All things run out at some point if we don’t refuel, restock or recharge.

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