Over the last year, I have been committed to self-care and have encouraged others to find the time to do the things that light them up on a daily basis too. After all, we cannot care for others, if we don’t first care for ourselves. But how do we balance all of the things? The not so glorious secret is that we just have to prioritize the things that make us happy. If self-care is something you crave to fit into your life–prioritize it and make it happen.

As a mother of three, taking time for myself is a challenge but it is a priority. It is nonnegotiable at this point because in order to be and to feel the best version of myself, I have to make time for self-care.

So how do I balance work, motherhood, self-care and life’s everyday demands? I incorporate self-care activities into my day and sometimes I have to get creative.

Here are 25 ways to make self-care fit into your busy life:

  1. Color with your kids Coloring is beneficial as it reduces stress and anxiety, helps improve focus, and improves sleep.
  2. Go for a walk with the family Promotes bonding with your family, improves immunity and digestion, boosts energy levels, and encourages restful sleep
  3. Involve your kiddos in cleaning Cleaning up and organizing our environment to decrease clutter and improve cleanliness is a stress reliever. It also helps to save money because we can find things easier.
  4. Take a walk on your lunch break If you’re one who often eats lunch at their desk while working, use your 30 minute lunch break to take a walk.
  5. Listen to music, a podcast or an audible book on your drive home Make the most of your time alone in the car and enjoy one of these activities to help you relax, practice mindfulness and reduce stress and anxiety.
  6. Face mask during the kiddos bath time Put the kiddos in the bathtub and enjoy a facemask. You’re already in the bathroom watching them so why not multitask with a little self-care time. I put the kids in the tub, put the face mask on, give them their bath, and wash off the face mask while they play for a few minutes.
  7. Cook/bake with kids Some enjoy this. Others believe it adds more stress to their day. I’m one who gets more stressed with this because my kids are little. If they were older though, I would totally enjoy baking with them. Baking is creative, makes you feel productive, promotes focus and who doesn’t love to indulge in a treat every now and again?
  8. Read with the kids Sit down for 20 minutes of quiet time. The kids can look through their book and you can enjoy 20 minutes of quiet time reading your current favorite.
  9. Watch a movie Who doesn’t love a good movie night with snacks and blankets. Make it a family affair.
  10. Have a picnic outside Get fresh air and check off one of your mom responsibilities at the same time! Everyone will be relaxed, calm and fed!
  11. Connect with friends Schedule a playdate. While the kiddos play, you can connect with their parents and enjoy some adult conversation.
  12. Do a craft Getting creative and focusing on one specific project or craft can help relieve stress and promote calmness. Not to mention the feelings of productivity that follow!
  13. Build a fort with the kids And lay down in it! That last part is the most important. Allow yourself a minute …or 15 l…to just lay down and breathe. Make shadow puppets or read a story to encourage the kids to sit still too.
  14. Hydrate Make fancy fruit infused water and drink out of fancy cups. The kids will think it’s so cool and you’ll reap the benefits of an improved mood and better sleep.
  15. Exercise Create a family competition to see who can do the most push ups, sit ups or pull ups or engage in some Yoga. My little ones love trying out new yoga moves. This not only has its benefits for your health and mood but it teaches your little ones the importance of moving their bodies.
  16. Dance Party Turn up the music and dance as if no one is watching! Allow yourself to let loose and have some good ole fun. Dancing helps to release tension and decrease stress.
  17. Take a drive for ice cream Treat yourself! Take the family out for ice cream. Need I say more?
  18. Blow Bubbles Get outside for some fresh air and experience the stress relief that comes with blowing bubbles. Engaging in childhood like activities reminds us to let loose and have fun.
  19. Tell Jokes The cheesier the better. Some of our best jokes come from the silly books of jokes for kids. We keep them in the car. Laughter is the best medicine after all.
  20. Diffuse Essential Oils Essential oils are a wonderful way to cater to your feelings. Part of the fun is picking the oil that most aligns with what you need. The best part about diffusing is that you can do it with little effort. Let the diffuser do the work and take a few deep breaths while doing the dishes or cleaning up the toys around the house.
  21. Meditate You may not have time for mindfulness throughout the day but meditation is great for when you first wake up in the morning or before you go to bed at night. I prefer guided meditations as they’re less intimidating to me.
  22. Quotes & Mantras They can be so inspiring. Share them with your kids, doodle them on paper or save them to your Pinterest board when you find ones that resonate with you. Sometimes these are the reminder you need to keep pushing toward your goal or to give yourself grace when you need a break.
  23. Order Take Out Give yourself a break from planning, cooking and cleaning up. Choose your favorite take out and enjoy it in your pjs!
  24. Fresh Flowers Buy yourself some fresh flowers, you deserve it! Place them somewhere you will see them often throughout the day. Let them be a reminder that you are deserving!
  25. Take a Nap You know the saying, nap when your kids nap. Allow yourself to do it! Taking a break is self-care. You don’t always have to be doing something.

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